We applied strategic knowledge through organizational alignment tools to support Business Schools that are part of the United Nations PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) initiative.

VIVA Idea, as a knowledge partner of PRME, facilitated the Strategic Action Coordination (SAC), a strategic process that sought the alignment of actors and resources towards strengthening the regional impact of the business schools and educational institutions that are part of PRME and, in this way, also strengthen the global impact of the initiative.

The alignment action seeks to grow PRME membership by creating incentives for potential signatories to join; impact diverse audiences of interest; encourage resource acquisition initiatives; and support signatories to execute initiatives in their immediate environments.

Collaborative action aligned on common objectives results in the possibility of achieving greater impact using the resources already available to each institution, which adds value to the process, both for the collective of Signatories and for each institution in its work on sustainability.

VIVA Idea’s Executive Director, Urs Jäger, also a professor at INCAE Business School, led the project and found great potential in aligning key actors within business schools to increase their local and regional impact.

“With the Bluetools tool, we can implement a strategic process for organizations based on the alignment of stakeholders and create action plans that allow the participating organization to align its available resources with the objectives of the stakeholders. It is key work to define today how to work towards the future,” said Jäger.

PRME-linked universities integrate sustainability into their business strategies, curricula and research processes. With collaborative efforts such as SAC, PRME Signatories can further enhance their ongoing projects and influence the orientation of their students as they enter the global job market.

This process is an example of how VIVA Idea is able to develop research that can be transformed into concrete actions and, at the same time, increase the impact of the actors involved.