Our methodologies and pedagogies are based on the knowledge generated by the research we performed on issues of social inclusion. This perspective allows us to approach the challenges of sustainable development from a people-oriented perspective.


Multidimensional sustainability and social progress

We generate regulatory frameworks that guide the multidimensional sustainability process of countries and organizations, as well as the appropriate indicators to monitor their social progress.

Social Entrepreneurship

We study scaling strategies for social entrepreneurs from a perspective of “trading impact for resources”. We developed the “model to scale impact”, an action framework for social entrepreneurs.

Inclusive markets and sustainable value chains

We study how inclusive markets and sustainable value chains can generate a win-win relationship with indigenous communities and people living in poverty in urban areas.

Impact Investing

Impact Investing is the one that seeks financial, social, and environmental impact return on its investments.

Collective impact

We study collaborative processes to address complex problems. Complex problems do not have a predetermined solution, they require the collaboration of different stakeholders in order to innovate solutions.