Based on the knowledge created in field research, we have created methodologies and educational material that allow us to generate social innovation processes that ensure an increase in the impact of the projects in which we are involved.

  1. Deep knowledge of the context

We begin with a deep personal immersion in the new cultures and their contexts to understand the realities, collect enriching experiences and data obtained in the field and observe social processes together with the local communities themselves.

  1. On-the-ground analysis

From the immersion, we develop and explain the initial assumptions and demonstrate on the ground, the functioning of those specific societies with their own interactions and complexities.

  1. Action research

We do not separate the impact process from the research process. In our action, we try to generate impact and, during the process, we produce knowledge from the ground as a contribution to the beneficiary community.

  1. New methods

We innovate in scientifically based knowledge creation methods using social frameworks that guide the execution of the solutions created from research, always as a whole with the people involved.

  1. Solutions

We design solutions based on information technologies that help generate processes for scaling the collective impact that international organizations, businesses, or consolidated companies, of any size, seek.