We offer solutions in the design of collective action strategies and tools to increase the impact of organizations and companies

Increase the impact of businesses and social and environmental projects through collaboration with others. We help you map accessible resources and design a collective impact strategy to take advantage of existing resources outside the organization, in the market, and in the environment.

Create business opportunities in informal markets through the capital that you find in local settings. We help you analyze the potential of your organization or company to be able to scale its impact, focusing on the analysis of the actions currently being performed.

Create an action plan between various stakeholders where no time is wasted. We help you map the participants involved that contribute to the impact of the organization, and those who can create conflicts, and, together, we align all the expectations with a focus on impact and collective action.

Lead projects with many actors in which the main connection is the purpose and not the hierarchical relationship. To do this, we help you expand the scaling potential of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies in informal markets.

Negotiate impact for resources to scale the scope of projects. We help you find the way to apply the strategy of negotiating impact per resource, by which you generate a negotiating mentality towards potential investors.

Find companies that meet the investment selection criteria based on their growth potential. We help you develop a portfolio of companies to access capital by analyzing the potential for economic, strategic and impact-oriented growth of the ventures.