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A collaboration process between the Regional Center for the Promotion of MSMEs (Cenpromype) and VIVA Idea is working on the creation of a platform to promote MSMEs in Central America so that they can access resources, training and acceleration through the coordination of actors in the impact and sustainability investment ecosystem.

VIVA Idea has provided its experience and knowledge in the management of multi-stakeholder platforms and in the coordination of alliances in complex processes in a scheme of co-creation of a program that contributes to the growth of social progress in each of the countries of the region by strengthening local business initiatives.
The work together with Cenpromype, as a specialized instance of economic integration in the area of micro, small and medium enterprises, seeks to identify appropriate tools and methodologies that can be put at the service of the consolidation of growth opportunities for MSMEs for the benefit of local communities in Central America.

VIVA Idea’s Impact Director, Paola Fonseca, considers that this articulation and co-creation process “is an opportunity to attract impact investors seeking a financial return with positive social and environmental impact, and is also a tool for the beneficiaries to develop their own solutions for social inclusion and sustainability, according to their contexts and realities.

For Cenpromype’s coordinator of strategic relations and international cooperation, Eduardo Alonzo, the process seeks to generate a “framework of integral solutions, in which lines of action and projects are defined in an orderly manner with common objectives for greater impact”.

The initiative will establish, among other things, a network and a fund for financing MSMEs with a focus on impact investment and a methodology for measuring the systemic impact analysis of projects.

Impact measurement is important not only as a way to generate the necessary accountability, but also to evaluate the project itself in the search to create conditions for the improvement of the region’s societies.

The process seeks to create a platform that enables systemic changes and collaborative actions in the ecosystem of actors (public, private and regional) that support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Central America.